I am delighted to report to everyone in our community that Opua School has just had an Education Review Office team in our school for 4 days from December 3rd to December 6th. During their comprehensive review, the team met with trustees, senior leaders, teachers, staff members, students and parents and they fed back to our Board their ‘Emergent Findings‘ at 4 pm on December 6th. The report will be finalised over the Christmas and New Year period and should be ready for final publication at the end of February or early March, 2019.

The report is confidential until then but what I can tell everyone is that the team were extremely happy with what they saw at the school and the report will be a very strong endorsement of the positive steps the school has taken in the last three years and, especially, in this last year. I am very happy with the draft report and we are all looking forward very positively to building on these achievements and success. This Education Review Office visit has been such a pleasant and successful experience.

The community can now be very proud of this school and it can now be assured that this is a very, very happy, safe, resilient and thriving learning environment. I could not be happier being the principal of this wonderful school and these amazing children.