Room 3 is a composite year three and four class ranging from 6-8 years old. We start each day with taumata and fitness to get our minds and bodies ready for learning. We work to develop our literacy and numeracy skills daily within a range of contexts, linking our inquiry learning wherever possible and connecting this learning to experiences outside the classroom.

This year our inquiries will be guided by Our Place, Way Back When, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, and Changes. We enjoy using digital technology to help us extend and support our learning across the curriculum.

We encourage each other on our learning journey by using our AWHINA values, and upholding our ‘Class Code of Conduct’. We have a big focus on showing respect for ourselves, one another, and our environment. We understand the importance of challenging ourselves to take risks on our learning journey, and to always try our best.

Elly Vanasche
Elly VanascheTeacher - Years 3 & 4
Room 3 Teacher