Room 4 is under the guidance of Mr David Acton.

In Room Four the students develop their independence and self management skills. This extends across the curriculum but also the day to day running of the classroom. 


Inquiry Focus for the Term One

Our main learning focus for the term is ‘Relationships’ and we will be learning about the relationship between people and the ocean. This will integrate across the curriculum. This inquiry gives us many opportunities in our local environment to learn and access people and places. If you have any expertise or knowledge, please feel free to contact me at 


We will be swimming each day for Term One so all students should bring their togs every day. This includes their: swimming costume, towel, swimming cap, and goggles (optional). As this is part of the curriculum, there is an expectation that students will swim. The only reason they shouldn’t be swimming is due to a physical injury. If they aren’t well enough to swim, then students probably shouldn’t be attending school. Please emphasise to your child to manage organising themselves each day for swimming.

Hats and Drink Bottles

Along with managing themselves for swimming, the students should also be wearing their school hats each day. I was able to hand a number of hats back to students, however, if your child doesn’t have their own hat, then a new one will need to be purchased from the office. I am happy to lend a hat for a few days but this should not become an expectation. 

Hats can stay at school and once again management of their own property will be a focus. I would also like to see each child bring their own drink bottle to school each day. Especially in the warmer months we all need to take on plenty of water and this will help with energy levels and focus for the day. It would be very helpful if all such items [sun hats, swimming togs, caps, etc. are all clearly named].

Please never hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions and I will respond in a timely manner. I hope to meet all of you soon!


Term One Certificate Winners

Well done to all who have received a certificate this term for their wonderful work and Never Give Up Attitude!

David Acton
David ActonTeacher - Years 5 & 6
Room 4