Room Two is a busy hive of activity. We are Year 2 and 3 students who range between 5 and 7 years old. One of our most important goals is to challenge ourselves to risk take with both our learning and our life skills. Our motto is to ‘have a go’ so we can build on our learning and develop our independence.

We spend the first few weeks of our year learning about ourselves, each other and our expectations. We develop our ‘Class Treaty’ and understand that we are all on a learning journey together.

Each day we develop our Literacy and Numeracy skills within a range of contexts trying to incorporate our Inquiry learning wherever possible. We love going on trips and having hands on experiences whenever we can!

In Terms Two and Three we have ‘Tech Time’ where we mix with Room 1 and rotate around a variety of technology activities, devices and apps. We love sharing what we have created and discovered with each other at the end.

In Room 2 we all have an online Seesaw portfolio that we can share with our families. We can take photos, record, type, draw and narrate work that we are proud of into our portfolios.

Teacher - Years 1 & 2
Room 2 – Years 1 & 2