We have just concluded an absolutely wonderful Easter Gala at the school. My unreserved thanks to all the wonderful businesses and sponsors who supported this event and gave so generously. I want to thank and praise Katja Caulton and all our PTA who worked tirelessly and under pressure to ensure this new event was a roaring success. Thank you also to the many other teachers, pupils and community members who assisted so energetically before, during and after the event. The event has raised more than any Regatta that I am aware of for the school and its children.

For many reasons, our intention going forward is to build on this and make this type of event an annual one instead of a ‘Regatta’ as previously. I have recently been reminded by Myra Larcombe, and she above all would know [!], that the Regatta prior to about 2006 was always a community organised event rather than a school one. My suggestion to the Opua community now is that it should return to being such. If there is will in the community for such a Regatta, an organising committee could be formed from within the community which could deal with all facets of organising such a public event in the community and an annual Regatta could then still occur with dog races, sailing events and community fellowship and fraternity continuing. Our children will always attend and support such an event but it won’t be directly linked with the school in future. Our Easter Gala on our school premises will be our future focus.