Like the majority of schools in New Zealand, Opua School works to four terms per year. There is typically a break of two weeks between terms apart from the summer holidays over Christmas which is a seven week break.

2022 School Year, Term dates:

Term 1 – Wednesday 2nd February – Thursday, 14th April
Term 2 – Monday 2nd May – Friday, 8th July
Term 3 – Monday, 25th July – Friday, 30th September
Term 4 – Monday, 17th October – Wednesday, 14th December

2021 Term Dates:

Term 1 – Start date Wednesday 3 February – End date Friday 16th April*

** Thursday, 18th March – SCHOOL CLOSED ALL DAY

Term 2 – Start date Monday 3 May – End date Friday 9 July
Term 3 – Start date Monday 26 July – End date Friday 1 October
Term 4 – Start date Monday 18 October – End date Friday, 10th December*

*N.B. Under the teachers’ Collective Agreement, there are 8 school days over the three years of their Agreement with the government that can be taken as Teacher Only Days as long as our Parent Community are given a minimum of one term’s notice. This means that end of term dates could change but the required whole term’s notice will be given if changes do occur.

N.B. Friday, 10th December* –  This finish date is early because, following government rules and after Board approval, the school will be closed from the end of school on Friday, 10th December for the last 3 of these Teacher Only days. All teachers will be attending  Professional Learning and Development days at school from Monday, 13th December through to 5.00pm on Wednesday, 15th December. The first 2 days are training around being ready to deliver ‘Real-time’ reporting of achievement to parents from the start of 2022 and the third day is for Level 1 St John’s First Aid training for the whole of our staff and up to 9 members of our community who would like to pay the fee and join us.

All this training is very important [and benefits our children, parents and community as well as our teachers] but we also do recognise that this can be a challenge and inconvenient for our parents hence the long notice time. We also would like to highlight that this year is unusually short anyway [190 school days] due to where the bank holidays have fallen. 2022 is 2 days longer and 2023 is 3 days longer.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Typical Daily Routine

  •  Arrive at school between            8.30am – 8.55am
  •  Class starts                                    9.00am
  •  Learning Block 1                           9.00am – 11.00am
  •  Sit down eating                             11.00am – 11.07am
  •  Playtime                                         11.07am – 11.30am
  •  Learning Block 2                          11.30am – 1.00pm
  •  Sit down eating                             1.00pm – 1.15pm
  •  Playtime                                         1.15pm – 2.00pm
  •  Learning Block  3                         2.00pm – 2.55pm
  •  Duties, Pack up, Sharing            2.55pm – 3.00pm
  •  Home Time                                   3.00pm