Opua School offers places for International Students from Year 1 through to Year 8

Application for enrolment is for up to one school year. Subsequent years are considered and pre-enrolled students have priority. To enrol, an international student must complete the ‘Application for Enrolment as an International Student’ forms. These forms are at the end of our International Student Handbook. Just the application forms are also accessible here: International Student Enrolment Form

Please note that students MUST remain with a parent or legal guardian during the term of their enrolment at Opua School. Students MUST have a current NZ Visitor’s Visa. If a child is enrolling with us for tuition longer than 3 months, they MUST also be in possession of an NZ Student Visa. Please get these forms from NZ Immigration online.

After the completed enrolment application form has been received, a place may be offered to the international student [via a formal letter] if there is room available at that particular year level. Commonly, we do not accept a student for less than one full term as this can cause significant disruption.

The international students will be required to pay $8,000 NZD per year per student + 15% GST [Government Sales Tax] =  $9,200 NZD total per year.
Shorter term students may pay at the rate of $200 NZD per week per student + GST = $230 NZD total per week.

The school will require evidence of a student permit/visa and proof of travel and health insurance.

Opua School is a signatory to the ‘Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students’ and has been approved to enrol International students.

For further information, please contact the school or consult the Opua School International Student Handbook