Calling all parents, caregivers and community members

In the recent past the school has run a ‘Clubs’ programme and we are hoping to rekindle this in Term 3.

In essence, there is a wealth of skills and knowledge in our community and we are keen to ‘tap into’ this for the benefit of our children and, in doing so, bring our community even closer together and have many adults enjoy teaching and interacting with our children. All the details of what this entails are thoroughly outlined in the document linked below. Please click on the link, have a read and think if you would be able to contribute a ‘Clubs’ activity. If you are able to, we would love to hear from you and, as confirmation, return the slip at the foot of the second side of the document to the school’s front office or just send us an email or pop in and fill out the form. Please contact the school if you would like any further information. Many thanks for considering contributing.