We had a wonderful start to our ‘Clubs’ on Wednesday afternoons yesterday! The activities are so varied and the children were so excited and into their new learning. For everyone’s awareness we have been able to put together an incredibly varied programme including:

Christmas Float preparation, Healthy Snacks, Go-kart repairing and new builds, Film-making, Fitness Station constructions, Recyclable Materials’ Wall Hanging, Simple Computer Coding, Car park mural, cloak making, Science Fun, Rakau making and playing, Matariki Sand Art, Eco bag making, hiphop, and Candle making. We will also have a couple of new clubs during the next term including origami and poi making.

The incredible variety of activities is testament to the talent we have in our parent body and our staff and to their generosity in sharing their time and expertise with the children. I thank and celebrate all of them – including a few of our senior children who taught groups and are demonstrating amazing leadership skills….some budding teachers in their ranks for sure!