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See Procedures manual (above), section 6.6.


Reducing student distress and the use of physical restraint

From May 7th, 2023, we have a new policy regarding this issue. Our policy is responsive to the new rules and expectations around trying to reduce student distress and minimising the need for any use of Physical Restraint.

The new Ministry of Education guidelines on the Use of Physical Restraint can be found here: Ministry of Education guidelines on the use of physical restraint

Our new procedure can be found here: Reducing Student Distress and the Use of Physical Restraint Procedure

In our school, we have done the online learning module associated with this topic and we are awaiting further training in relation to the safe use of physical restraint.

For our community’s awareness, staff at this school who are, at this stage, authorised to use physical restraint are:

  1. Simon McGowan [Principal]
  2. Juliette Ridge [Deputy Principal and teacher]
  3. Camilla Going [teacher]
  4. Elly Vanasche [teacher]
  5. Gemma Chapman [teacher]
  6. Ineka Halse [teacher]
  7. Debbie Cooke [release teacher]
  8. Lynette Lindsay [release teacher]
  9. Margaret Civil [relief teacher]
  10. Kartini Martin [relief teacher]
  11. Kylie Mottl [Teacher Aide – BoT approved]
  12. Kay McGowan [Teacher Aide – BoT approved]
  13. Maree Caswell [Office Manager – BoT approved]
  14. Denny Ututaonga [Caretaker – Bot approved]
  15. Ria Bright [relief teacher]
  16. Gaye Hooper [Teacher Aide – BoT approved]